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Featured Product

Featured Product

E-LIFE Witnessing Tool

Item # 197913



Encourage kids to share their faith with others anytime and anywhere with the fun-to-fold E-LIFE witnessing tool. A child flips through the continuously folding card to read and share the steps of salvation. The steps spell the acrostic “E-LIFE” which stands for:

Eternal life given through Jesus;
Life eternal is a gift from God;
If we confess, He will forgive;
Forgiveness is free; and
Everyone can join God’s family.

A Scripture verse is included with each step. This tool can also be used as part of the E-LIFE program. For more information, visit

Also used in HighPoint Ministry Now Kit.

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1 Samuel 20:42

Last Updated: 1/5/09

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Ecclesiastes 3:1

Last Updated: 8/19/10

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Ephesians 1:13

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Isaiah 50:7

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