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Featured Product

Featured Product

E-LIFE Witnessing Tool

Item # 197913



Encourage kids to share their faith with others anytime and anywhere with the fun-to-fold E-LIFE witnessing tool. A child flips through the continuously folding card to read and share the steps of salvation. The steps spell the acrostic “E-LIFE” which stands for:

Eternal life given through Jesus;
Life eternal is a gift from God;
If we confess, He will forgive;
Forgiveness is free; and
Everyone can join God’s family.

A Scripture verse is included with each step. This tool can also be used as part of the E-LIFE program. For more information, visit

Also used in HighPoint Ministry Now Kit.

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Summer Gear Up for School Evangelism

"This [E-LIFE] material is amazing-some of the best I have seen in a long time! We are using this as a summer program and cannot wait to see what God is going to do."

-Hope Crumb


Summer is the perfect time to train your students how to reach their schools for Jesus. E-LIFE has been BGMC's "reach your world" evangelism tool for over two years now. Children's pastors and leaders across the nation are still discovering the powerful E-LIFE resources that's are available free and online.

All the downloadable E-LIFE activities, videos, PowerPoint® presentations, and resources are free at

Because the lesson activities are designed for flexible application, the leader can do just one lesson or many in a given setting. If you're the children's pastor, for example, you can combine the games (E-xtreme Fun), object lessons (High Octane), Scripture pictures (SnapShots), discussion starters (Get Real), and illustrated Bible stories (Instant Replays) and do a entire service on being an E-LIFE Kid. (There's enough E-LIFE lessons to do 10 weeks' worth of activities.) If you're a Girls Ministries or Royal Rangers leader or a Sunday School teacher, grab a 5-minute E-LIFE lesson each summer week on challenging your girls and/or boys with E-LIFE's witnessing and friendship lessons. Or plan a summer weekend retreat and teach your students all about being E-LIFE Kids.

The bottom line: Use the summer to prepare the kids to return to their schools as trained and compassionate missionaries to their school campuses!

E-LIFE is all about teaching kids to be "missionaries" to their schools. It's an opportunity for kids to learn how to show kindness and friendship, and through their actions how to share their faith with other students at school and in their communities.

It's a holistic approach: Children need to learn about BGMC and how to give to missions and how to pray for our missionaries. Children need to become missions-minded and become involved in the Great Commission. Children should be taught to reach their world-their schools and communities.

Targeting Public Schools

Once your students learn how to be E-LIFE Kids, they can get involved in school evangelism in several ways:

  • Before- or after-school group huddles for prayer
  • "Seeing You At the Pole"
  • Work days at the school
  • After-school clubs-E-LIFE activities taught by kids that are available on the new BGMCKids Web site at

Targeting Cities and Countries

Take advantage of the out-of-school months and take your kids on a missions trip to a nearby city or another state.

Some children's pastors are planning their own summer missions trips, so kids can put their newfound ministry skills to use. At least two districts are planning missions trips right in their own states. Kids who have been trained as puppeteers, to do human videos and mime, and/or to be part of a praise and worship team, have the perfect chance to use those skills during a missions trip.

Take the BGMC challenge by taking your kids to a whole new level of ministry. Click here for additional information about BGMC missions trips.

Provide your students the opportunity to be in ministry right in your own community. Enable the students to use their ministry skills at a Sidewalk Sunday School or at a senior citizens home. Team up with another children's pastor or leader and take turns ministering with your students in another church. Prepare your students to be leaders themselves during after-school activities on or off campus by conducting the E-LIFE lessons just for them on the BGMCKids Web site.

E-LIFE's Web site is full of cool resources waiting to be used in your church. Just click and GO!


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