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How your kids can become E-LIFE Kid Missionaries

The next step after a student has become an E-LIFE Kid is to become an E-LIFE Kid Missionary to their school. E-LIFE Kid Missionaries receive official recognition on the E-LIFE Web site.

Official Recognition

For the student to become an officially recognized E-LIFE Kid Missionary, the E-LIFE Coach must verify that the student has completed the requirements below and submit the following to the National E-LIFE Office:

  1. The student's name
  2. The city and state where the student attends church
  3. A completed and parent/guardian-signed Parent/Guardian Publications Release Form to the National E-LIFE Office.

E-LIFE Kid Missionary Requirements

  1. Have a personal relationship with Christ Jesus.
  2. Fulfill the requirements of being an E-LIFE Kid and daily fulfill the Five Commitments of an E-LIFE Kid.
  3. Make a public proclamation in church that they want to become an E-LIFE Kid Missionary. If possible, be commissioned as an E-LIFE Missionary during an adult service at church.
  4. Regularly attend church.
  5. Regularly read their Bible.
  6. Establish a regular time of talking with (praying to) God.
  7. Ask the Holy Spirit daily to provide new chances in which the can share their faith with others.
  8. Share their faith in some manner at school or in your neighborhood at least one a week. If possible, get the E-LIFE Witnessing Tool (available from Gospel Publishing House) and use it to share the E-LIFE Plan with others.
  9. Meet monthly with their E-LIFE coach.
  10. Ask their E-LIFE coach for printouts of the E-LIFE Kids Journal. Develop a personal plan with their E-LIFE coach of how to be a missionary to their school. Write down their objectives on their E-LIFE Kids Journal. Review those objectives with their E-LIFE coach and record any new objectives in their journal.
  11. Try to make a new friend at least once a month.
  12. Invite at least one student to church every month.
  13. Try to organize an E-LIFE club in their school or community. This may simply include finding a group of students who will pray with them at least once a week before or after school. It could include an organized and ongoing E-LIFE club meeting at school or at another location. It could also include simply meeting on a regular basis with other Christian friends who want to discuss the Bible and/or do E-LIFE activities--such as the Extreme Fun games and High Octane devotionals.

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