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Featured Product

Featured Product

E-LIFE Witnessing Tool

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Encourage kids to share their faith with others anytime and anywhere with the fun-to-fold E-LIFE witnessing tool. A child flips through the continuously folding card to read and share the steps of salvation. The steps spell the acrostic “E-LIFE” which stands for:

Eternal life given through Jesus;
Life eternal is a gift from God;
If we confess, He will forgive;
Forgiveness is free; and
Everyone can join God’s family.

A Scripture verse is included with each step. This tool can also be used as part of the E-LIFE program. For more information, visit

Also used in HighPoint Ministry Now Kit.

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How your kids can become E-LIFE Kids


An E-LIFE Kid is one who makes new friendships to share Jesus with others. E-LIFE Kids also mentor other kids to help them grow spiritually.

The goal of the E-LIFE Kid is to share the E-LIFE Plan (plan of salvation) with other kids at school and in the community and to disciple them in their spiritual walk with Jesus. But before an E-LIFE Kid can share about Jesus, he or she must first learn to build relationships by showing friendship and kindness to every schoolmate and neighbor.

An E-LIFE Kid knows:

  • How to be kind and friendly to other kids
  • How to share the E-LIFE Plan
  • How to build relationships with schoolmates and those in need
  • How to share their faith with other kids-to share their story (how they came to Jesus) and The Story (how Christ lived, died, and rose again for everyone)
  • How to live out the Five Commitments of an E-LIFE Kid

As the E-LIFE Kid learns how to live out the commitments, you can encourage them along the way and monitor their progress taking place at their schools and communities.

E-LIFE Kids should memorize the E-LIFE Plan Scriptures and learn how to share the E-LIFE Plan with other kids as the Holy Spirit provides opportunities.

Theme Activities provide E-LIFE Kids a learning lab at church where they can learn how to be E-LIFE Kids, how to build relationships with others, and how to share their faith with other schoolmates and kids in their community.

In short, every boy and girl should learn how to lead other kids to Christ right in their world. The job of the E-LIFE Coach then, is to train their students in:

  1. How to build relationships
  2. How to show friendship and kindness
  3. How to share their faith with non-believers
  4. How to disciple others

These are the ingredients of being an E-LIFE Kid and living out the Great Commission.

Official Recognition

For the student to become an officially recognized E-LIFE Kid, the E-LIFE Coach must verify that the student has completed the requirements below and submit the following to the National E-LIFE Office:

  1. The student's name
  2. The city and state where the student attends church
  3. A completed and parent/guardian-signed Parent/Guardian Publications Release Form to the National E-LIFE Office.

E-LIFE Kid Requirements

  1. Have a personal relationship with Christ Jesus.
  2. Regularly attend church.
  3. Fulfill the Five Commitments of an E-LIFE Kid:
    • Seek the Spirit's help in helping others
    • Show kindness and friendship
    • Share "The Story" of Jesus
    • Invite others to church and to know Christ
    • Invest in the lives of others
  4. Memorize the E-LIFE Plan and cite it to their E-LIFE Coach or parent.
  5. Successfully demonstrate how to use the E-LIFE Witnessing Tool while citing the E-LIFE Plan.
  6. Submit a completed and parent/guardian-signed Parent/Guardian Publications Release Form to the National E-LIFE Office.

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