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Featured Product

Featured Product

E-LIFE Witnessing Tool

Item # 197913



Encourage kids to share their faith with others anytime and anywhere with the fun-to-fold E-LIFE witnessing tool. A child flips through the continuously folding card to read and share the steps of salvation. The steps spell the acrostic “E-LIFE” which stands for:

Eternal life given through Jesus;
Life eternal is a gift from God;
If we confess, He will forgive;
Forgiveness is free; and
Everyone can join God’s family.

A Scripture verse is included with each step. This tool can also be used as part of the E-LIFE program. For more information, visit

Also used in HighPoint Ministry Now Kit.

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Instant Replays

The term illustrated story or illustrated Bible story refers to the application of storytelling by using a children's leader (or leaders) and the kids themselves to act out a scene or a Bible story. The life applications used in this section can be done with as few or as many kids as you choose and need not be rehearsed.

The Instant Replays are presented to emphasize one of the E-LIFE Kid commitments through the Theme Applications. - Instant Replays


Note: Instant Replays may require more than five minutes to complete.


No rehearsal is necessary because you simply read or tell the story in a narrative form and have the kids repeat lines after you. This method of illustrated storytelling can be spontaneous and fun for the children, while helping both the participants and the audience of kids to easily recall the lesson application.

If you are teaching a small group with few kids, do not be concerned about having too few kids to play each role as outlined in the application. If need be, simply tell the story or read it to the students.

To make the illustrated stories more effective, look for background music to play while the stories are being performed, to add depth and dramatics (though this is not required). Make the illustrated stories and Bible stories colorful and memorable.

The props listed in each illustrated Bible story are not required but helpful to enhance the presentation. The leader portraying Super Agent E need not rehearse these presentations because as the narrator, he or she reads the story to the kids and has the kids simply repeat their lines. The illustrated Bible story creates a dynamic and fun application that helps the kids through integrated learning.

About Super Agent E

Super Agent ESuper Agent E is here to help you solve the mystery! Super Agent E (the "E" emphasis of Evangelism and E-LIFE) is a character the leader can portray when telling the story (or if you have an additional leader available, have him or her be Super Agent E). Super Agent E is the infamous detective who is powered up by the Holy Spirit to help the E-LIFE Kids solve the mystery. And the mystery in each story is solved by revealing the life application.

The character can easily be portrayed by dressing up in any or all of the following apparel, which can be purchased almost anywhere: costume glasses (such as bottle glasses) or sunglasses, a hat, a costume wig, an all-weather jacket (trench coat). A leader can transform into this character right before the kids like this: "Wait a minute! I think Super Agent E may be here to solve a mystery. Yes, I think I hear him now (hold up hand to ear). Wait right here while I go find him!" Now you simply turn your back to the students, pick up and don the costume apparel, which should be close by. When you're outfitted, turn around and say, and in a different and humorous voice if possible, "It's Super Agent E! I'm here to solve a mystery!" Then begin.

Super Agent EThe scripts do not need to be memorized. The students simply repeat their lines after Super Agent E. The person playing Super Agent E can either read the script or simply paraphrase the lines according to the general storyline given.

Special Thanks To:
Nena Hiatt and Marshall Bruner for creating the illustrated stories and Bible Story Theme Activities and Lisa Lyons for editing and layout.