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How to be an E-LIFE Coach

Congratulations on deciding to become an E-LIFE Coach! Your role as an E-LIFE Coach is very important because you will be directly helping to raise up a new generation of missionaries.

Anyone who wants to help kids learn how to share their faith with their friends can be an E-LIFE Coach--Children's Pastors, Sunday School teachers, Royal Ranger Commanders, Mpact Girls Clubs Coordinators and even moms, dads and grandparents.

As an E-LIFE Coach, you will help your students:

Coach Guidelines

  • Present the E-LIFE challenge to your students every week.
  • Use at least one of the E-LIFE Theme Activities each time you meet to help reinforce one of the Five Commitments of an E-LIFE Kid.
  • Follow-up the Theme Activities with a passionate challenge for the students to be E-LIFE Kids and to pledge to live out the Five Commitments of an E-LIFE Kid.
  • Challenge the E-LIFE Kids to take the next step of faith by becoming E-LIFE Kids Missionaries. The E-LIFE Kids who accept the challenges and who are commissioned should then be given E-LIFE Kids Missionary certificates.
  • Each week, chart the progress of each E-LIFE Kid’s Five Commitments using the E-Journal. Establish accountability so your E-LIFE Kids will live out their Five Commitments.
  • When possible, combine the E-LIFE challenge with a BGMC emphasis to provide a global perspective of reaching our world for Christ—i.e., E-LIFE: reaching your world, BGMC: reaching the world.
  • Acknowledge the progress of the E-LIFE Kids in large-group meetings and even the adult service when possible. For example, commend the students who excel in showing kindness and friendship and sharing about Christ with other students. (Again, the E-Journal can assist you in recording the progress of each E-LIFE Kid.)

Head Coach Guidelines

  • Meet monthly, or more often if possible for a short period, with the E-LIFE Kids who have been commissioned to be E-LIFE Kids Missionaries (recommended for students in fourth through sixth grades).

  • Assist each student in developing personal objectives and journaling those objectives and accomplishments.

  • Print out copies of the E-LIFE Kids Journal for each student.

  • Allow time for the E-LIFE Kid Missionaries to discuss how they are fulfilling their calling.

  • Provide suggestions of how these students can reach their classmates for Christ, how they can pray with other students before and after school, and how they may possibly organize an E-LIFE club at their school. Download the Be an E-LIFE Missionary handout.

  • Use email and letters to encourage your E-LIFE Kid Missionaries in their commitment to target their public schools for evangelism.

  • Ensure that each Kid Missionary is fulfilling his or her requirements as listed in the Requirements for the E-LIFE Kids Missionary.

E-LIFE Leader's Guide