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How to Use the Theme Activities

To help introduce E-LIFE to your students, we've created a library of great Theme Activities that are available as FREE downloadable PDFs through the menu at the top of the site:

Each Theme Activity category is broken down into five themes that match the Five Commitments of the E-LIFE Kid:

  • Seek the Spirit's help to help others
  • Show kindness and friendship
  • Share "The Story"
  • Invite others to church and to know Christ
  • Invest in the lives of others

SIDE NOTE how these five commitments fit into BGMC's "Pray, Give, Go" focus:

  • Seek is an "iPray" focus.
  • Show is an "iGive" focus.
  • Share is an "iGive" focus.
  • Invite is an "iGo" focus.
  • Invest is an "iGo" focus.

A Theme Activity takes 5 to 10 minutes to apply (the Instant Replay illustrated stories may vary in time) and can be done whenever it fits best in your meeting or event. If time permits, you can combine Theme Activities.

The Theme Activities will enable you to coach the kids on how to witness and how to build relationships with others in their schools. The Get Real Theme Activities, for example, empower the children by strengthening their communication and witnessing skills and by teaching them how to help and show kindness to others.

The key is to challenge the students to realize they can become missionaries to their schools. Every student in school may not have the opportunity to go to church, but every child in school can hear about Jesus by E-LIFE Kids!

Note: Every so often, you may want to dedicate an entire service or class to the subject of witnessing (utilizing the E-xtreme Fun games, SnapShots, Get Real activities, High Octane object lessons and Instant Replay illustrated stories) to review how the E-LIFE Kids are doing. When doing so, have the kids testify how they have lived out one or all of the Five Commitments of an E-LIFE Kid.

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